8 Cancer Fighting Foods That Are Widely Available

We all need to eat and we all fear cancer. Considering that many of widely available foods are known for their cancer fighting properties, the need to eat is our chance to take “chemotherapy” three times a day. I have purposefully put the word “chemotherapy” in quotes because chemotherapy I’m talking about is not the same as cancer treatment by chemically produced poisons prescribed by practitioners of conventional medicine. What you eat can be your natural chemotherapy that has the capability to both prevent formation of tumors and fight them if they already exist, all without any side effects. Chemotherapy by healthy foods can be an easy, cheap and tasty way to remain cancer free. Let’s take a look at 8 cancer fighting foods that won’t break your bank, won’t make you sick and are widely available in your neighborhood grocery stores:

Cancer Fighting Food #1: Citrus Fruit

Fight Cancer with Citrus, Photo: United States Department of Agriculture via Wikipedia

Fight Cancer with Citrus, Photo: United States Department of Agriculture via Wikipedia

Oranges, lemons or grapefruits are all examples of citrus fruits. Citrus foods (any of them) have been found to have some of the strongest cancer fighting properties of all the widely available fruits. Citrus fruits contain molecules that negatively affect the process of tumor development but also reduce inflammation which is one of the reasons stimulation of tumor growth occurs.

Cancer Fighting Food #2: Cabbage Family Vegetables

Cancer Fighting Brocolli, Photo: churl, Flickr

Cancer Fighting Brocolli, Photo: churl, Flickr

Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and kale are all examples of cruciferous vegetables belonging to the cabbage family. Compounds found in cabbage family veggies contain properties that stimulate body’s defence mechanisms against carcinogenic substances that can lead to the growth of tumors through damage to cell’s DNA.

Cancer Fighting Food #3: Tomatoes

Cancer Fighting Tomatoes, Photo: Stegano, Wikipedia

Cancer Fighting Tomatoes, Photo: Stegano, Wikipedia

That tomatoes are relentless cancer fighters is a well known fact. The pigment that gives tomatoes their bright red color has shown positive results in prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Oddly enough, phytochemical benefits of tomatoes increase when the tomato is cooked. That’s not to say you’d draw no health benefits from eating raw tomatoes, however when eaten cooked, the health benefits, especially cancer fighting ones increase.

Cancer Fighting Food #4: Mushrooms

Cancer Fighting Shiitake Mushrooms, Photo: Eric Steinert, Wikipedia

Cancer Fighting Shiitake Mushrooms, Photo: Eric Steinert, Wikipedia

Mashrooms that have their origins in Japan are specifically known for their cancer fighting properties. Shiitake, maitake, enokitake and oyster mushrooms contain immunostimulants in such large quantities, their consumption could improve body’s natural ability to respond to out of control reproduction of cancer cells. Mushrooms can be eaten raw or sliced up and added to a stir-fry.

Cancer Fighting Food #5: Soy

Soybean - Potent Cancer Fighter, Photo: CoolFox, Wikipedia

Soybean - Potent Cancer Fighter, Photo: CoolFox, Wikipedia

Phytoestrogens – one of the compounds found in soy and its derivatives – edamame, tofu, bean curd, roasted soy beans and miso soup have the ability to prevent estrogen from interacting with breast cells. The mammary glands get easily overstimulated when estrogen levels are too high and that increases the risk of breast cancer. Phytoestrogens get in the way of this process reducing the possibility of developing breast cancer.

If you have history of breast cancer, make sure you consult with your doctor first as high doses of soy may have undesired effects.

Cancer Fighting Food #6: Seaweed

Cancer Fighting Seaweed, Photo: Sifu Renka, Flickr

Cancer Fighting Seaweed, Photo: Sifu Renka, Flickr

Considered one of the modern age superfoods, seaweed (marine algae) is a sole source of a pigment that boosts immunity and inhibits the growth of microtumors.

To buy seaweed, go to the grocers or pharmacies in China town area of your city. You can boil it or steam it and then add it to your vegetable salad.

Cancer Fighting Food #7: Herbs and Spices

Cancer Fighting Fennel, Photo: Howcheng, Wikipedia

Cancer Fighting Fennel, Photo: Howcheng, Wikipedia

Molecules found in thyme, ginger, chilli peppers, turmeric, cloves, mint and fennel reduce inflammation and inflammation creates environments in which cancer cells thrive.

Cancer Fighting Food #8: Garlic and Onions

Cancer Fighting Garlic, Photo: felipe_gabaldon, Flickr

Cancer Fighting Garlic, Photo: felipe_gabaldon, Flickr

That garlic is an all around beneficial food for your health is a no brainer. What is less known are garlic’s and onion’s ability to rid body of DNA mutating (cancer causing) substances and their ability to kill dormant microtumors. To release these cancer fighting properties, chop or crush your garlic and onion prior to consumption. More information about garlic can be found on the Health Benefits of Garlic page.

All of the above listed foods are known for their cancer fighting properties and are widely available in grocery stores near you. Take advantage of these cheap, natural cancer fighters and make them your natural chemotherapy every day.

7 Responses to “8 Cancer Fighting Foods That Are Widely Available”

  1. Donald Rees Says:

    I would like to find out about supplements that will fight prostate cancer cells

  2. Cherie Says:

    I have seen these same veg and fruit everywhere an am using them for my husband that has SCLC. He is NED now and I have the opportunity and challenge of keeping him this way.
    My problem is I can not get anyone to give me amounts to give.
    Can you imagine what I have been going through. It is so hard for the laymen like myself to know how much of this and or that to give on a daily basis through food which I agree is the best way to go.
    If you would be so kind to reply with information or where to get it.
    Thank You, Cherie

  3. compensation mesothelioma Says:

    This is primarily due to the fact that asbestos includes a high tensile strength understanding that it’s fire and also heat proof.

  4. Ron Kelley Says:

    I had cancer and was given three months to live. I just did herbs and spices and foods. One of the main items was tumeric, which is anti-angiogenesis. I put together several herbs and spices, and used about 1 teaspoon of it three times a day; when I got lazy and didn’t take it, I got worse again and had to go back to it, but had to increase the amount to 1 T. three times per day for it to work again. I did lots of other things, too, just so you know. I hope this gives you a guideline for what it might take. Also, at the very first the pain got worse, but I recognized this as the cancer in distress, and kept going. Not all cancers are the same, if a person gets worse pain-wise it might be wise to reconsider.

  5. Mike Gardiner Says:

    Upset at being told i had Laryngitis for 6 months by my doctor only adds insult to injury. Two weeks later…I was diagnosed with throat cancer whilst working overseas. Came home for laser treatment and CT Scans and will be starting Radio Therapy next week. I am taking CoEnzyme Q10 (30mg per day) …and eating many citrus fruits and an occasional bag of watercress to supplement my treatment. Its over 11 months since my hoarse voice which i,m obviously angry about. Maybe this Radio Therapy is too late but i,m going to give myself a fighting chance to recover. Feel terribly let down by the NHS.Why don,t the hospital cancer specialists give you a list of good foods to eat and/or supplements to take.

  6. Anita de la Riviere Says:

    The NHS need to get their act together when it comes to food. My son was fed on chips when he was diagnosed with diabetes, my daughter given sugary foods when having a malignant tumour removed from her lung ??? As you say Mike, why doesn’t someone listen and do something about it. Doctors and nursing staff seem to have no knowledge of nutrition BUT why??

  7. Boniface W Ndirangu Says:

    To get eat enough fruits to the right concentration that will have the desired therapeutic effect is not an easy matter. Low-speed blending of a mixture of the required varieties and ingesting the juice thereby obtained is often helpful at the kitchen level. In case of greater concentrations, specially prepared concentrates are needed.

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