Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

Given the wracking pain and necrotic dangers of radiation therapy, and the dramatically painful side effects of chemotherapy, it’s no surprise that colon cancer alternative treatment options are highly sought-after. New research from around the globe is bringing several promising options to light for victims of the second most lethal form of cancer in the US.

Phytochemicals as Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

Scientists at the University of Dundee in Scotland published a study several years ago describing the effects of a small group of phytochemicals (plant-derived compounds) on colon cancer. Diindolylmethane, ascorbigen, indole-3-carbinol, and indolocarbazole, as well as sulforaphane, benzyl isothiocyanate and phenethyl isothiocyanate were tested in concert. All are natural, plant-derived compounds. The study concluded that the phytochemical complex both killed colon cancer at the cellular level and enhanced the body’s natural ability to resist genotoxins which are responsible for a significant portion of colon cancers.

Grape Seed as Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

In the trade journal Nutrition and Cancer, scientists Keith W. Singletary and Brandon Meline published a study of how a grape seed polyphenolic extract called ‘proanthrocyanidin’, acted as a powerful colon cancer alternative treatment. In mice with colon cancer, adding grape seed extract equal to less than one percent of their total dietary consumption had significant negative effects on the growth and survival rates of the tumors – a good thing for those mice!

Vitamin D as Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

From 1991 to 2002, Dr. Kimmie Ng of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston studied more than three hundred patients of colon cancer, noting their dietary intake of Vitamin D and comparing it to their survival rates. Vitamin D had already been proven in several studies to prevent colon cancer, but Dr. Ng’s study showed that Vitamin D also helped fight colon cancer. The evidence was clear: the patients in the top-25% of Vitamin D consumption survived, on average, 50% longer than the patients at the bottom, and had a higher quality of life as well. So eat your salmon, and spend 20 minutes a day in the sunshine.

Milk as Colon Cancer Alternative Treatment

Milk and related diary foods contain the only natural (and healthy) trans fat – conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. A group of scientists working at the Kyung Hee University in South Korea performed an extensive study of the effects of CLA on colon cancer, finding that a diet that was composed of .5% CLA killed off 250% as many colon cancer cells as a diet composed of 0% CLA – enough to prevent new tumors from being created. Higher doses of CLA had no additional effect. They went on to a further experiment which proved that CLA not only prevents tumors from being created, but actually reduces the size of existing colon cancer tumors.

Clearly, if your doctor suggests that the only – or even just the best – ways to fight colon cancer are chemotherapy and radiation, he is not paying attention. Call some of these colon cancer alternative treatment options to his attention, and get better without all of the pain and side-effects of “modern” medicine.

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