Fight Cancer with Papaya – Treats Every Type of Tumor

Papaya has been known for its cancer fighting properties and has been used as an alternative cancer treatment option for many years, however so far there’s been no scientific evidence proving that Papaya could fight cancer. This is no longer true. International doctors and researchers conducted an extensive study on effects of Papaya on cancer and their findings, which were published on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology conclude that Papaya Leaf Tea and Papaya Leaf Extract have “dramatic cancer-fighting properties against a broad range of tumors”.

Fight Cancer with Papaya - Treats Every Type of Tumor

Fight Cancer with Papaya - Treats Every Type of Tumor

Nam Dang from the University of Florida teamed up with researchers from Japan to test the anti-cancer effects of dry Papaya leaf extract against cervix cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer and found that the higher the dose of Papaya leaf tea was used, the more it impacted the tumor.

Cancer fighting properties of Papaya leaf tea were attributed to increased production of key signaling molecules called Th1-type cytokines, which are known regulators of the immune system. Papaya extract helps to stimulate these Th1-type cytokines which in turn promote the ability of patient’s immunity to destroy cancerous cells. With proper boost, the immune system is able to fight various types of cancers without the need of harmful procedures such as chemotherapy or radiation. And since Papaya has no toxic effects on normal cells, its consumption goes without side effects.

Ten different cancer type cells were exposed to Papaya leaf extract for 24 hours and each of the cultures experienced slower tumor growth after exposure. Researchers repeated the test with exposure to Papaya leaf extract of different strengths and recorded the results for each. In conclusion, higher doses of Papaya leaf extract showed more powerful impact on tumor growth. Since according to this study, Papaya is able to slow down the growth of any type of tumor, no matter which type of cancer you are suffering from, Papaya could help you fight it.

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  1. Kathryn Mabin Says:

    Do you know the recipe for making papaya extract tea with “dried” papaya leaves rather than with the “fresh” papaya leaves? I have a sister who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and would like to get her on this extract right away.
    I’ve read about making the extract with fresh papaya leaves, but don’t know how to translate this into using dried papaya laeaves.
    Thank you for your help!

  2. Mark Says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    Researchers lead by Mr. Nam Dang who discovered cancer fighting properties of Papaya had a patent pending technology to extract the active ingredients from the leaves. I do not know how one could do it on their own, but these people will be selling their Papaya teas and whatever other products once they get their production line in order.

    I wish your sister early recovery. Hope she pulls through and comes out cancer free in the end.


  3. william Says:

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    The tips you have given me have been invaluable!

  4. Teresa Wee Says:

    Interesting topic about papaya leaves extract used for anti-cancer properties. What about consuming the fruit daily. Its the best laxative, natural and full of Vitmins and minerals.
    If anybody has knowledge of the fruit anti cancer propertie, might be a good idea to consume daily for breakfast with cereals ( oatmeal )

  5. cynthia mccoy Says:

    to the lady who has a sister with cancer: You make a decoction out of the dried leaves; that is, you put as much as you can of the dried leaves and stems into a glass or stainless steel pot with a tight cover, bring them to a gentle boil, then simmer for 1/2 hour or so. You can add cinnamon stick or licorice root to make it taste better. (Boil the cinnamon or licorice with the tea). Leave it to cool, then drink. Drink as much as you can. You can also make a tincture out of the dried leaves, by soaking them in vodka for 2 weeks or a month, then straining the dried leaves out. Wring the leaves out as well, so that you get every bit of good extract. Don’t be shy, put a lot of leaves in the vodka, the stronger the better. You can also buy the liquid extract, while you are waiting for your own to be ready, from, it costs about $25.00 for 8 ounces. In the meantime, give her plenty of tea. I would be taking a good pau d’arco extract as well-the best on the market is Taheebo Life Tea (do a google search for this)–very expensive but it is WONDERFUL, and I’m not kidding. Graviola is also excellent. Don’t forget to feed her a lot of flax seed powder (the lignans in flax fight breast cancer). My prayers are with you and your sister, and I hope you get this message.

  6. Monika Says:


    Can papaya leave extracts be taken as a tonic to improve immunity or as prevention measures. Can children too take it.


  7. cynthia mccoy Says:

    REGARDING HOW TO MAKE EXTRACT OR TEA: It is very simple. The researchers said a water extract of the papaya leaves is what works. You can buy dried papaya leaves and stems (stems are very powerful) on e-bay. Simply bring wter to a boil and pour over as much papaya leaf (at least a tablespoon to a cup) and let it steep with a cover on the cup till it cools. You can also simmer leaves in water for 1/2 hour or so until the water is dark dark green. Cool & drink. You can make your own tincture by filling about 3/4 of any size jar with leaves, then pouring over it some vodka, a few ounces, doesn’t have to be precise, and then filling the jar with filtered or distilled water. Put lid on tight, shake, and place jar in warm place, shaking it every day at least once. There isno mystery about this. If you have substance that has mostly fat-soluble compounds you want to extract (such as pau d’arco), then you fill the jar with vodka or everclear. The alcohol in papaya leaf extract is simply to preserve the extract, otherwise, if you used only water, you’d get mold on it after a few days. You can also buy an extract for about $13.00 for 2 ounces on–but I would make my own because I could make it really really strong. The research said the more the merrier, it does not harm normal cells.

  8. cynthia mccoy Says:

    Yes, children can take it. It is a harmless tea. Also it is useful to boost your immunity even if you do not have cancer. Is good for digestion, too.

  9. loot Says:

    This has been a great document

  10. Okpewho B Says:

    Can this papaya leaves clear enlarged male breast?

  11. cynthia mccoy Says:

    Sometimes-but not always- an enlarged male breast comes from having liver problems-the liver is not detoxifying female hormones. This sometimes happens to men who have been starved, or have taken drugs that have impaired liver function, or have some hepatic or other disease that impairs the ratio of androgens to estrogens in the body. Sometimes, however, the enlarged breast is just an accumulation of fat tissue and does NOT signify any disease process. What is the cause of the enlargement (called “gynecomastia”) in this case? Certainly you should see your doctor to determine the problem, and then can figure out what self-help you can use that might improve the condition.

  12. cynthia mccoy Says:

    I would like to point out that sometimes I prepare papaya leaf tea as a simple infusion; that is, just pouring boiling water over the leaves and letting it steep until it is cool. This too turns the tea water very green. So if it seems like too much bother to simmer the leaves for a half hour, you can do this, although in serious cases I’d probably simmer it gently. Also: I have been reading up on growing papaya trees inside my northeastern North Dakota home. It looks like it would not be too difficult so I am going to try. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts to get fresh leaves.

  13. cynthia mccoy Says:

    To find papaya leaf extract in the US, check out and search for “papaya leaf extract”. or use this URL:

  14. dfgvfdbg Says:

    he is a vietnamese scientist

  15. Luisa M. Famorcan Says:

    Is papaya extract effective also in kidney failure? My son is having dialysis twice a week. Pls help.

  16. cynthia mccoy Says:

    To Luisa Famorcan: Apparently a water extract of papaya leaves or seeds is an effective protector of the kidneys. There is research that shows it to be protective when the kidneys have been damaged by a certain nephrotoxin called carbon tetrachloride. I would feel very comfortable giving my loved one papaya leaf tea in large quantities if he or she was undergoing dialysis. THERE IS ANOTHER HERB, however, called URENA LOBATA, which has been extremely effective for renal damage. Again, you make kind of a soup out of the stems and leaves of this weed-like plant (this is what an aqueous extract is-a soup, or tea) by simmering the good out of it. I will look around to see where this herb might be available, as it is not that commonly used in the US. Quite a few nephrologists recommend fish oil capsules (6-9 a day)for the eicosapentanoic acid they contain, which slows down kidney damage and helps repair it. So I would do this too. I had a very close friend who used to be the head of the medical school in Leningrad (St. Petersburg now. He was a wonderful doctor. He told me about a patient he once had who had terminal kidney disease who was not expected to survive more than a few weeks. The patient asked him what he could do, and so, feeling helpless but not wanting to discourage the patient, he told him to go home to his village and drink nothing but carrot juice. About a year later this same patient reappeared –to thank the good doctor! My friend said he almost fainted, he couldn’t believe the man was still not only alive but (as tests confirmed) in good health! Would this work? I don’t know, but the anecdote I am telling you is true. Some other snippets of information: medical science confirms that about 1/2 tsp of baking soda at night before bed helps the kidneys (look this up on Other herbs that are good and soothing for the kidneys include chamomile, dandelion root and leaves, burdock root and leaves, and plantain. Of course I don’t know exactly what your mother’s disorder is. I will think about this and put up another post with more info, especially if I find a source for urena lobata. I send you my prayers.

  17. Angel Says:

    Could CoQ10 be taken together with the papaya leaf juice?

  18. kelly hartter Says:

    To the lady whose sister has cancer, also a very good protocol is the Johanna Budwig diet…google for info and directions. I have not heard of papaya leaf but always interested in keeping immune system strong.
    I was divinely healed of pancreatic/ liver mets…2005.
    I do my part w/ natural health remedies.
    God Bless

  19. JER0EN R0LAND Says:

    Hi Thanks to everyone who share good news about papaya cancer-fighting. But if you consume papaya leaf They have a strong bitter taste. you say to yourself, i’m going eat this, it do no matter what i gotta eat this thing, even when it does does not taste me. I hope now ‘i will i not die’!

  20. Regina Says:

    I had a really hard time getting back to this site for some reason enternet could not open this site. My question is does it matter what form of papaya leaf come in. I have searched the web and the only form I find it in is powder. I live in L.A. and my sister who is dying of cancer really needs this now! I can’t find it in stores. What is the best company with papaya? Please someone help me. Thanks

  21. mukesh Says:

    My mother has been diagnosed with Brain-Tumor 4th April 2011. She has undergone the surgery as the tumor size was big. Now, She has started taking Papaya leaf extract 3 times a day. I have read that it can cure cancer. is there anyone who knows if someone with brain cancer has got complete cure ?


  22. george Says:

    hi i have itp low platlets where can i get papaya juice ,leaves or tea i am in Ireland looking forward to your reply Thank you George

  23. cynthia mccoy Says:

    Oh! and I forgot to mention, I would also use Raintree’s “graviola max” and Nature’s Sunshine’s “pawpaw cell reg” (this is not papaya, but true pawpaw (asimina triloba). Check on youtube for teaching videos by McLaughlin about pawpaw. Also check out

  24. george Says:

    i have itp and would like to get papaya juice and papaya tea but do not know where to order from please help i am in Ireland looking forward hearing from you .I am on prednisone 80gm per day and would like get off them all the best George

  25. cynthia mccoy Says:

    George: I don’t know where you can get it in a shop in Ireland. I would call health shops especially in Belfast and speak with the owner. Perhaps they have it or can order it for you. As I said in my earlier post, watch for papaya leaf. Just yesterday I saw where somone is selling papaya leaf tea mixed with pineapple, and is willing to send it to any country. Here’s another online source that ships internationally:
    Here’s one in the UK: Rather pricey-only 125 gms of dried papaya leaf for more than 13 pounds, but better than nothing. Perhaps you can find a better price. Search the web! But even if you only find expensive leaves-drink it as much as you can-combine it with peppermint to improve the taste, if you like. But it will work! Good luck.

  26. Barton Says:

    I have a papaya plantation in Jamaica and I drink Papaya tea daily. I hope to start producing tonic, tea and extract in the months to come. I have heard you can make a powerful mix by mixing green papaya seeds, flesh, stems or leaves with equal amounts of brown sugar, cover with paper and leave in a cool place for 30 days periodically scraping off the foam and then straining the juice. I am going to try it soon. We would love to produce anything that will help reduce the pain in people. Write back if you are interested in being notified of our progress. The tea we could send at once. we have fresh leaves every week.

  27. cynthia mccoy Says:

    Wow, Barton: That sounds like a wonderful blend, your fermented papaya drink. Do you use pesticides on your papaya trees? I am very interested in hearing of your progress. How much do your fresh leaves cost? They would be wonderful for the people who have written to this site. Where can people contact you if they want to buy your products?

  28. cynthia mccoy Says:

    To Regina: You can certainly use powdered papaya leaves. You would put in a teaspoon (or more-it’s not toxic) in a cup and add hot or boiling water and let it cool. The resulting slush does taste worse than cut and sifted papaya leaves however. You could also take a spoonful directly into your mouth and swallow some water or juice. You are from the L.A. area (you do mean Los Angeles?)I used to live there. All the health food stores sell dried papaya leaves which have been chopped finely (called cut-and-sifted papaya leaves). Also, Herbs of Mexico which has 2 stores in the area (one in San Bernardino) sells it, and they also have a website where you can order directly online.

  29. Allison Says:

    I have just started to drink paw paw tea and have ordered 4 plants of my own to grow. The type of leaves needed are from the carica papaya tree.
    I purcased my tea from Rochway products on the internet. They are organic and pesticide free. The tea doesn’t taste very nice on it’s own so I put local bush honey in it to sweeten the taste. Sometimes I drink the tea after it has cooled. Once I have my trees I will start to boil my own as well as the tea.

  30. luciano muniz Says:

    does the papaya leaf extract help to reduce brain tumors besides controlling growth. im looking for alternative treatments. thank you for the valuable and life-saving information.

  31. cynthia mccoy Says:

    I’m not sure whether papaya leaf extract crosses the blood brain barrier, which it would need to do in order for it to be effective in arresting brain tumors. I am researching this, but so far have not found any research to clarify this. It certainly would not hurt to use papaya, however, and if I find any info I will post it here immediately. I would suggest 2 things, however: frankincense (boswellia carterii, boswellia sacra, and boswellia serrata and thurifera)does cross the blood brain barrier and has been reported in several trials to reduce brain swelling that occurs as a result of tumorous growth or trauma or infection. It is not clear whether frankincense will reduce the tumor itself, although it has been shown that frankincense is a potent anti-cancer fighter more generally. How to use frankincense? I would use frankincense in its extract form, 65% boswellic acids, as well as in a crude powder form, taken by the spoonful. sells a pretty benign-tasting fine powder of boswellia serrata that doesn’t taste bad. I would use the extract as well as the unextracted crude powder because I would want to have all the components of frankincense, since it has been shown that it is not just the boswellic acids that have useful properties. In addition I would get a special extract, sold separately, of boswellic acids called AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid) that seems to have a very strong anti-cancer, apoptotic effect, as well as a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. You can buy this in a bland powder form at IN ADDITION, I would use frankincense essential oil by vaporizing it, or even by putting a small drop far back of each nostril. The reason for this is that essential oils will diffuse in this manner directly into your brain. I kid you not! I would also use frankincense tears as incense, by putting a charcoal briquet on a brick or other inflammable , heat-resistant receptable, letting it become a glowing hot coal, and then placing a few frankincense tears on top of it to burn as incense. Breathing this will definitely cross the blood brain barrier as well. I would also use PAU D’ARCO (tabebuia impetiginosa or tabebuia avellanedae) tea, 4-8 cups a day. The best quality pau d’arco tea in the world, I think, is purchased through Wisdom Naturals. You can buy it at the best price in tea bags through, but you’ll have to use a lot of tea bags. You can buy it in 100 gms of loose tea from Wisdom Naturals through Another excellent source is I have tried their tea and have spoken with the owners, and they seem to be very very honest people. I was impressed. The only thing they sell is pau d’arco tea, and I find it seems to be as good as Wisdom Naturals. I’d try them. You can call them, email them, they will answer you right away. There are other very strong anticancer herbs-among them, wild yam, bloodroot (quite toxic, you have to be VERY careful. I’ve tried it, in amounts of powdered root to cover the head of a pin, and in this quantity there are no bad effects, at least for me.) and teasel root, which is widely available as a tincture, and chaparral (larrea tridentata or larrea divaricata). Chaparral is very potent and does cross the blood brain barrier. Use a tea rather than capsules, as chaparral seems to be less toxic this way. Some of the herbs I’ve mentioned, such as wild yam and teasel, are not widely known to have strong anticancer properties, but according to research they do, a lot stronger than many other herbs that are widely recommended for cancer.Finally, I would pay close attention to what my doctor says. If my tumor were resectable, I would certainly have surgery. I would research carefully everything my doctor suggests and make my own, as far as possible, estimation of the likelihood of success. Can you do all these things at once? Kind of tempting, I think, when you have something serious going on and don’t know if you have time to fiddle faddle around and figure out what works for you, but I think it is important to take a deep breath, try one thing, see how you feel about it. You will eventually find out what makes you feel better. I send you all my good wishes and prayers, and will re-post when I think of something else. God bless you.

  32. Ângelo gonp Says:

    Amigos, vou dar uma dica simples e poderosa, tanto para a tintura como para o chá.
    Aqui no Brasil principalmente no nordeste existem enormes plantações de mamão papaia. eu estou em São Paulo então aqui é mais frio e a geada mata a planta. Então muitos estão pedindo para enviarem as folhas com caule(como a Cyntia já informou)já secas.
    Quebra-se ao máximo a planta seca e Coloca-se em um liquidificador,bate e meche-se o liquidificador para um lado e outro para não formar uma pasta seca no fundo. A folha se transforma em um pó, e depois faz-se o chá, muitos não coam, tomam tudo, e também as tinturas com álcool de cereal. os resultados são promissores, inclusive para outros problemas como intestinais.
    Abraço a todos, fiquem com Deus.
    Ângelo Gonp
    Campinas – São Paulo – Brasil

  33. Jonna Womac Says:

    There is certainly a great deal to learn about this. I can see you made nice points in the features as well.

  34. cynthia mccoy Says:

    Thank you, Angelo-it is interesting to read that people in Sao Paulo need to send away for their papaya in the winter, , just as most of us in northern US have to do all year long. And I agree that powdered papaya leaves are much more efficient at releasing the active principles, whether in tea or in tincture. I use a coffee grinder instead of a blender, as you suggested. I wanted to point out to Luciano Muniz something I noted on another site. Mr. Muniz asked whether papaya leaf tea might be effective for brain tumors, and I said I did not know whether it crossed the blood brain barrier. I still don’t know for sure–BUT I did read on another site about a person who used papaya tea successfully to combat a glioma in the brain. This is the most serious type of brain cancer, and apparently she had success with papaya tea. Amazing. ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING: For all those struggling with cancer of one variety or another, and especially with brain cancers, consider PAW PAW (asimina triloba). It is a relative of the graviola tree, and contains acetogenins, just as graviola does, but apparently the acetogenins in paw paw are more effective for cancer than graviola. AND IT CROSSES THE BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER. Look up paw paw on, there are some very interesting and scholarly explanations of how it works by the researchers who have studied it. AND you can buy a wonderful and very effective extract of paw paw through Nature’s Sunshine for about $40.00 for 180 capsules. You need at least 6 capsules a day taken with food and some fat. Paw paw is not useful as a cancer preventive, however, because if you take it when you do not have cancer it will sap your energy; if you do have cancer, it will actually increase your energy by targeting the cancer cells, which have high energetic needs and are taking needed energy from the rest of your organism. Papaya, on the other hand, is something you can use day in and day out for your whole life, whether you have cancer or not. Finally, I said in an earlier message that a good quality boswellia powder was available from—what I meant to say was that it is available from There is a minimum of $40.00 for an order, but their prices are wonderful, their quality excellent. There online catalogue is far from complete, however. Go to their PDF file complete catalogue, pick out what you want, and then call them. They will get your order out the next day.

  35. gladys Says:

    thanks for all the posts. just want to ask if fresh papaya leaves can be used to make tea? i was diagnosed of breast cancer last aug. 2010, had undergone series of chemotherapy & radiation but no surgery yet. just this jan 2012, i began to feel lumps again….

  36. cynthia mccoy Says:

    Yes, absolutely you can use fresh papaya leaves. Chop them, throw them into a stainless steel, glass, or ceramic pot, cover with water, bring to a boil, then turn down, cover, and simmer until reduced probably by half. Simmer for at least 20 minutes, even longer. Drink it a lot! Fresh leaves are fantastic. You might also try “paw paw cell reg” by Nature’s Sunshine brand to add to this. Also, grind flax seeds fresh in a coffee mill every day and eat about 1/4 cup or so.

  37. bob Says:

    I live in Ecuador, SA. The below is wrong!

    “Researchers lead by Mr. Nam Dang who discovered cancer fighting properties of Papaya had a patent pending technology to extract the active ingredients from the leaves.”

    You do not need a patent to extract any chemical. In fact if if it was patentable the pharma companies would have already done it!!!! Wake up!

    Boil the leaves as indicated for 20 mins. Drink the tea and dry the seeds and use them as a condiment.

    Read the internet. This Nam Dang didn’t discover much of anything that wasn’t already known for centuries.

  38. faye Says:

    To Ms.Cynthia,
    Thank you for answering all the questions here, I thank God that I was able to read this post, my breasts have multiple cysts and one has become complicated, if papaya tea cures cancer, then it might dissolve this cysts, right?

  39. cynthia mccoy Says:

    For Faye: You say one of the cysts has become “complicated”. What do you mean? Were you biopsied and it showed abnormal cells? Yes, I would use papaya leaf tea, preferably simmered until it is quite strong, as it will probably help to prevent the development of cancer, or help to reverse it if it has already begun. But I would do other things as well. I would use vitamin e succinate (dry vitamin e) as this is the form of vitamin e that has shown many remarkable antineoplastic properties in research. Look it up on pubmed. 400-600 i.u. per day. I would couple this with SeMSC selenium, 200 mcg./day, as this too has very remarkable anti-tumor properties, and works hand in hand with the vitamin e. I’d make sure I was getting sufficient vitamin d through sunlight or cod liver oil or supplement with vit d-3, about 2,000 i.u per day, with a meal containing fat or oil. I would consume ground flax seed, about 1/4 cup a day, although some researchers feel this a source of xenoestrogens (estrogens that are not manufactured by your own body), others say flax seeds will prevent the binding of estrogen to breast tissue, and thus help reduce fibrocystic disease and even reverse the early stages of breast cancer (of course, not every one who has cysts gets cancer anyway, but it is something to be conscious of and work to prevent, since there is a risk of this). So I would try the flax seeds, ground, on cereals, in yoghurt, etc., and see how it goes. If my cysts worsened, of course I’d stop using flax. If you simply have fibrocystic breast disease, uncomplicated by anything more complex, I would definitely include plenty of food-source b-vitamins from brewer’s yeast and liver, and lecithin, all of which give your liver what it needs to stay strong and breakdown the estrogen you produce before it can wreak any havoc with your cysts. I would also use herbs that help the liver, such as milk thistle, dandelion, burdock root (in addition to papaya leaf–you can eat milk thistle in capsules, and burdock and dandelion root could be simmered along with your papaya leaf). The cruciferous vegetables, which include (esp.) broccoli, cabbage, watercress, are fabulous for you, and have been shown to provide strong protection against the development of cancer. To get extra doses of broccoli beyond what you could probably eat, there is a very mild tasting powder of broccoli sprouts available from that costs only about $8.00 or so. Take a heaping scoop (very tiny scoop-the vendor provides it) a couple times a day. This will help. Eat lots of brightly colored vegetables and fruits. I have a trick I use when I’m not in the mood or am in a hurry–I put cooked and/or raw vegetables in the blender, depending on what I have, with about 1/3 less water than the vegetables, and turn them into a puree, then add a little orange juice or buttermilk and drink. If made to thick you’ll gag, but if you put in too much liquid into the blender the produce won’t pulverize finely enough. You could experiment with this to make really pleasant and soothing drinks, like a pureed soup. Just make sure you are consuming some healthy oil at the same time, so that you absorb the fat-soluble vitamins in the vegetables. You can blenderize fruits this way too, and put in ice cream or whatever you feel like. The important thing is to get these good things into you, whatever it takes. Make sure you eat lots of herbs and spices. Turmeric is wonderful. You might buy a pound of curry where turmeric is the first ingredient, followed by a list of spices as long as your arm. Penzey’s has a good one. Add it to warm milk, a tsp at a time, 2 or 3 times a day. Herbs and spices are powerful cell regulators. I would avoid like the plague any type of tomato product in cans–but tomatoes canned in glass is great!–the reason being that the plastic lining on the cans leaches BPA into the tomatoes because of their acidity. This is widely accepted to be a large and very harmful source of xenoestrogens in our diet. Very much something not to do with cysts. Finally, I would use pau d’arco. There are lots of pau d’arcos out there that are pretty devoid of any use. I’ve tried some of them. There are 2 that I think are fantastic. One is Taheebo Life Tea which comes in capsules and is extremely powerful. It is also extremely expensive–about $70.00 for 300 capsules, less if you buy more than one bottle. For me, this is a supplement I would absolutely turn to if something were going wrong.It is one of the few pills I think is actually worth the money. I can rarely afford this, however. Wisdom Naturals pau d’arco tea which comes in boxes of 25 bags is also wonderful. This I drink regularly, and if you have uncomplicated cystic disease it might be enough for you. I put 2-3 bags in a cup of boiling water twice a day, cover it and let steep until it cools. Finally, I would use compresses on my breasts, and would massage frankincense oil on them. Frankincense oil helps to normalize cells and eradicate abnormal ones. It is absorbed through the skin. But back to papaya: yes, I think papaya would be excellent, but I think it is best to Attack the problem from several different angles. There is no one way, so these are just some suggestions, food for thought. I hope you will keep me posted on how you are doing. My very best wishes to you.

  40. donna grant Says:

    Thank-u 4 sharing

  41. barbara mcbride Says:

    is there anything that will either help congestive heart failure ?

  42. barbara mcbride Says:

    is there anything that will either help or cure congetive heart failure ?

  43. JER0EN R0LAND Says:

    cancer-fighting properties 1: Noni Juice 2:Papaya Leaf 3: Xanthone in mangosteen pericarp peel. 4: soursop.

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